Why Between The longitudes?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


The everlasting thirst to explore and the never ending urge to see the unseen has lead us here. We cannot ever realize what we want or what we love to do unless we let our soul to find out it’s passion. Here we are, two wandering souls, who have already traveled a lot before and have grown an urge to explore new places. We find an eternal peace and happiness in travelling. Though we two are different person professionally but when it comes to pack our bags, we just do it. From the vibrant seashores, through the thrilling dark forests, till the almighty Himalaya, our bag is full of travel tales which we choose to share these positive vibes. While our last trip, we had some beautiful experience and we both decided to put them in a platform.

Hence, welcome to our escape trails, and lets travel Between The Longitudes, together!


CR's Photography

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